Is it winter in the northeast yet?

So now that I've decided to go back to DreamSchool, Damien's not getting fixed. Which I was perfectly okay with until he started doing something new yesterday.

You may remember that my boy Damien's AC/heat, for whatever reason, starts to reek of gasoline when I slow down, turn corners, or stop the car. So it's second nature for me to turn the AC/heat off when I slow down, turn corners, or stop the car. And then I just sweat/freeze it out until I start moving again and can turn it back on again and THANK YOU LORD FOR AC/HEAT.

Well...now, whenever I'm driving, Damien's constantly cycling from room temperature AC to heat.

By himself.

Like it'll be room temp (no more cold AC), and then it'll slowly switch to HEAT HEAT HEAT, then it'll slowly switch back to room temp.

This is a fun new development, let me just tell you.

Especially on a day like today, when it hit 104 degrees (NOT counting the heat index) and I already sweat easily GAH.

So, all I'm saying is: if you see me running around the big D in my boy Damien and my face is shinier than, I dunno, oil, forgive me. We'll all just pretend I'm on a new sweat-it-out diet.