So Damien's much-wanted fix was a no-go. They did some work on his fuel tank (which I thought was leaking and causing the smell, but I suppose not), but whatever they did didn't help the smell at all.


There's one more thing we can try, but it costs at least $500 (or more). So I've decided that if DreamSchool comes through and offers me enough money so that I can go back, I *won't* fix the car (since I'll only be driving it for the summer. Sweating while driving! That's a way to lose weight!). If I'm NOT going back to DreamSchool, I *will* get it fixed, cause I'll be driving year-round.

Make sense?

I'm disappointed that this wasn't the magic fix, but hey, what're you gonna do? I still love me some Damien the Wild Stallion.