Damien the Wild Stallion, part 2

OKAY. So here's the end of the story, yo.

I live in Texas. And during the summer it gets pretty warm here. Triple digits and such. So air conditioning? Is a good and joyful thing.

Alas, Damien has AC issues.

He's got it, and it's good -- nice and cold and deeeelish. But the problem is the smell.

For whatever reason, whenever I slow down or stop with the AC (or heat) on, Damien starts to reek of gasoline. Like seriously stanky.

We've tried to have him fixed before, but nothing has worked. Damien's just a smelly boy. So it's become second nature for me to reach over, turn off the heat/AC while I'm slowing down/stopped, and sit and freeze/sweat for several minutes until the light changes.

But in the middle of a Texas summer, that's pretty miserable. Especially if I've got kids in the car, I don't want them a) sweating to death or b) breathing in the gasoline. And I don't want me breathing in the gasoline. It's just not healthy.

(Oh, and the sweating is a problem, too. Especially when my makeup starts dripping off my face.)

So I may be bidding adieu to my beloved Stallion. And trying to find a new car. Because I needz one. Problem: I don't have any money.

So this should be fun.


Monica H said...

mr. H thinks there could be a leak in the vacuum lines, thatever that means. He said he'd do a littlre research and let me know. So I'll email you when I find out something. I'd hate for you to have to sell D :-(

Kaitlyn said...

I say try to save him! :)

Stephanie said...

I read your blog every now and then for well, at least two reasons that I can think of- we're relatively close in age and I also nanny. So I enjoy your posts!

Anyway, my parents aren't gazillionaires either. And I'm the third child of four (aka not the first priority, nor the spoiled baby) I got lucky though and nanny for a family who gave me their little red s10. The thing literally had 'do not resuscitate' written all over it the day it killed on me last fall. But really, I also loved the thing and every inch of rust on it. Anyway, to make this long story short the family bought me a new vehichle for Christmas. Love it and the fact that it can make it up hills. Not to mention the fact that I don't have to worry for my safety (or any children I taxi).

In conclusion, do two things if at all possible. First, find a family to nanny for who could potentially buy you a car and if that doesn't work out...take a picture of D and hang it in your second cheap, running car! :)