A five-spot

Uh, I don't think I blogged about it, but I just went on a trip. It was a brief one, just a six-day whirlwind of a trip, to see three sets of relatives in different areas (LOTS of driving!). We're back now, and I'm exhausted!

1) No news from DreamSchool re: financial aid. I finally broke down and called them again today, and apparently there's been a delay in sending out notices. They *should* send them out tomorrow, meaning I'll know next week. Then again, they said that last week.

1) We brought Damien the Wild Stallion to the Volvo dealership last week to try to get him fixed. The brilliant Monica H. & her husband did some research, and figured out that Damien might be eligible for a free replaced fuel tank because of a recall. He was! I'm picking him up tomorrow, so FINGERS CROSSED that my boy is smell-free!!!

3) I've been in contact with a rather well-known local doula about me maybe starting to volunteer at a birthing center. Y'know, in all my free time :)

4) Pupster Max was SO HAPPY to see us today when we got back! Last week when we were packing suitcases, he would NOT leave my side. He's been so used to me coming home briefly and then going back to school for extended periods of time -- and I think he was afraid that was happening again. But I came back! :) Right now he's curled up asleep on the floor next to me, sweet thing.

5) I've said it before and I'll say it again: this is one of the. best. inventions. EVER.