Baby-daddy lurve

I triple-quadruple-quintuple love this picture of my dad and me. I had it on my computer, and since today is his birfday, I thought I'd post it! I think I'm about a week old in this picture.

(you can click to make it bigger)


Anonymous said...

this just made my night all the way at dance camp :)

your sister

Kaitlyn said...

That is just awesome Nans.

Furrow said...

that is so, so sweet. must've been playing a lullaby.

The Nanny said...

Furrow--close! I asked him, and he thinks he was playing the first of the Three Gymnopedies by Satie.

Here's a Youtube link (NOT of him) of the song, so you can hear it. It's very peaceful and haunting, so I suppose you could call it a lullaby :)


Monica H said...

Happy birthday to him! That is a sweet picture.

Did you make him the cake?

The Nanny said...

Monica--nope, I ended up having to run over & help a friend out with her two girls. But the cake is on track for tonight! I showed him the pictures and he got all excited :)

Anonymous said...

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