An amount

I got my financial aid offer from DreamSchool.

They actually gave me a grant, which I was almost surprised by. Earlier today, a friend texted me that he'd gotten no money -- and he's raised by a single mom, who's a teacher.

But they did give me some. And it's more than I ever thought it would be, but still a relatively low amount, if that makes sense.

We've crunched numbers, and figured out how the next several years are going to look. It's doable, but I'll still have to take on a significant amount of debt that I'd be spending the next 20 or so years repaying.


I've almost landed on a decision. I think I have. In the meantime, I'm writing an appeal letter for more money. I don't have much hope for that, but hey -- can't hurt to try. But I'll be making my decision regardless of them giving me more money.

I'll let y'all know either tonight or tomorrow. Oy vey.