This is why I love my job

How Coco wakes up from her nap:

"Oh, it's YOU! I'm so happy to see you!'

"Ahhhh, that nap hit the spot! I'm so happy!"

"I'm just the little charmer. Aren't I just so happy? Can we go play now?"

She's seriously the happiest, most adorable kid EVER. Today she's really taken off with her crawling. I was amazed at the difference even from yesterday -- girlfriend can GO! 99% of today consisted of her rolling a little ball-thing forward, crawling to get it, pushing it forward again, crawling some more...all I had to do was sit back and watch and listen to her giggle. And she absolutely wore herself out -- she was so ready for naptime :) LOVE!

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Anonymous said...

Would that we could ALL wake up in the same manner! And to a loving, fun nanny, ready to play and care for our every need (except we would definitely be through with the diaper thang).

I am SO happy that you have such a great, healthy family to be a part of. You definitely deserve it!