Lessons in self-tanning

Well, not tanning, exactly. But more like "I'm trying not to scare people away from me with my Day-Glo colored legs so I'm trying for just a *hint* of color without being burned to a crisp."

AKA voila. A touch of sun. Sounds perfect, right?

I was dubious, but HI SWIMSUIT SEASON IS HERE so I figured I should just buckle down and try some. So every morning after I dutifully shave both my legs, I lotion up. Within three or four days of doing that, I noticed a definite difference in my legs! They were looking more tan! And it looked natural!

So I continued on my merry shave-and-lotioning way until yesterday, when I happened to look down at my feet.

They were as white as white can be.

My ankles, however, were a lovely shade of yellow. My calves were a nice tan color. My knees were yellow. My thighs were a nice tan color. (And that's as far as I'm going because that's as far up as I lotioned. So there.)

So after some fast thinking I realized that while I did apply the tanning lotion daily to my legs, I forgot about my feet.


Not only that, but apparently the stuff coagulates around knees and ankles. I took the liberty of drawing y'all a nice picture so you can see what I'm talking about:

I know, I'm a fabulous artist. I plan on quitting my day job tomorrow and pursuing a career in drawing-on-computers.

So today when I shave and lotion up, I'm avoiding my knees and ankles. And going extra on my feet. And that's what she said.

Edited to add: Monica H. left some great tips in the comments section on how to avoid yellow areas!


Monica H said...

I don't tan or use lotions but I have a piece of advice for you. The reason your ankles and knees are yellow is because the skin there is thicker. You need to exfoliate those areas. Also since you are shaving everyday, you're also, in a way, exfoliating your legs, thus you have a more subtle tan in those areas. I would apply it every other day and scrub your knees and ankles with a loofah.

Also it helps to lotion up with regular lotion in the dryer areas so it doesn't absorb so much pigment, resulting in yellow knees and ankles. Using a cotton swab with alcohol may help reduce the coloring if you use it while the lotion is still fresh. This is good around toes, where too much color can develop.

Love the drawing, btw.

Monica H said...

When I said use regular lotion, I meant to do that before you add the tanning lotion. It will hydrate the skin and the tan will go on more evenly.

The Nanny said...

Oh wow, thanks for the tips! I'll definitely try those things.

Selmada said...

too funny. until you get it evened, just let people think you have some funky socks!

Anonymous said...

nanny you look gorgeous with coco!
i think the doula-ing seems to fit well with your personality!