I'm home, all in one piece. The last few days were stressful, nerve-wracking, anxiety-stricken, and devastatingly sad, but I'm home. And happy.

I have no decision yet about DreamSchool. I'm being pulled in two opposite directions...and I haven't figured out yet which is the stronger pull. So we're still in wait-and-see mode.

It was very, very sad pulling away from DreamSchool in my cab this morning.

It was very, very happy seeing my sweet pupster Max, my parents, D, and my sister this evening.

Tomorrow I get to babysit for some way, way, way cool people. I'm simultaneously nervous and so freaking excited! (And, of course, my face breaks out like no tomorrow just beforehand. LOVELY. Pardon the seventy-two pimples, please.)

Can you tell my thoughts are a bit discombobulated? It's very surreal, in the here and now. (Mad bonus points to whomever can identify what that's from.) I'm here, I'm home, back in Texas, for four months. And then...?

After we landed in Texas, I overheard the people a few rows in front of me talking.
Him: "So what do you think of Obama?"
Her: "Eh, he's smart, but smart isn't everything."

I'm home, y'all.


Kaitlyn said...

Welcome home girl. It'll all be ok.

Monica H said...

I'm glad you're home--safely.

Take your time making a decision and have a good weekend with your mom.