Hi, I'm Nanny

So for whatever reason there's been a rather astronomical (and consistent) spike in my Stat Counter lately. And I thought, "Well, maybe more people are reading my blog." Which actually makes me grin rather wickedly, because HI, I love attention.

So I also thought I'd give a bit of introduction to y'all new readers. (If you do, in fact, exist, and aren't random people from Sweden trying to find the movie "The Nanny Diaries" online, which is 97% of the google searches that come to me.)

Hi, I'm Nanny. (Hiiiii, Nanny)

I'm in that awkward not-quite-a-girl, not-quite-a-women phase where you're not a teenager but you're not allowed to rent a car and nobody really takes you all that seriously. I can vote, though. And join the army. And buy cigs and porn. So that's cool.

When I started this blog in September 2007, I was a recent high school graduate and full-time nanny to two little girls, A. and E. (Hence the "nanny diaries.") I'd been their babysitter for 7 years and I loved them deeply, madly, passionately, and as my own. But their parents were manipulative, unhealthy (mentally), and on the whole destructive fucknuts, so right before New Year's day 2008, I gave my two weeks' notice.

What followed was a craptastic few weeks of them sending me hate e-mail after hate e-mail, solidifying my decision to leave as the correct one for my personal sanity, but making me feel like fungus for leaving my sweet girls to their parents' wrath. I feel guilty to this day for leaving those girls.

I got a part-time nanny job and a part-time administrative assistant job to last me through September 2008, at which time I moved 2,000 miles away to go to college (aka DreamSchool). (Hence the "college girl diaries.") Which I love A LOT, but may not be going back to next year because hi, college is expensive. And money, I has not. That decision will be made sometime within the next month.

After college (if I go back), or next year (if I don't), I'll be working toward becoming a certified, licensed doula. I'm ridiculously excited about that because it's something I'm truly passionate about.

In the meantime, I'm working as a nanny again to a (much healthier, happier) family with three young adorable kids. I'll blog about that, and whatever else pops into my head. Because hi. I like attention.

The end.

Updated 6/2009: I'm going back to DreamSchool!

Updated 1/2014: Armed with a diploma from DreamSchool, I moved to Connecticut to pursue nursing school and eventual midwifery. Currently wrangling eight toddlers in a wonderful little nursery school :)