Superficial? Me? NO!

So tonight my friend Sarah and I decided to take a walk.

We do this fairly regularly (usually nightly) but in a larger group -- however, everybody else was busy with their boyfriend/girlfriend/paper/laziness/etc. So it was just us. Her, looking for fresh air; me looking to escape the paper I have due Tuesday. (Note to self: START THE PAPER.)

It was around 9:30, 9:45, when we left, so it was completely dark. We're in a big city, so to be safe, we kept to well-lit, public areas. (Oh yes, we are big on safety here at DreamSchool. I could spend 10 minutes telling you all about public safety here at DreamSchool -- I had to memorize it for giving tours. Parents are usually very concerned with safety here. Kids? Notsomuch.)

We walked to a nearby river and back and just had a good talk. She spent a lot of time talking about how much she's changed since coming to college (I know -- more of these conversations) and I spent a lot of time talking about how grateful I am that everyone here at DreamSchool is not a size 0, with bleached-blonde hair and fake nails, like they were at my high school.

It was a good conversation. And a good walk. But the best part?

As we were walking back to DreamSchool, we passed four or five fairly sketchy guys. As soon as they saw us they started catcalling us and saying, "Hey beautiful!" and "Look at those beautiful girls!" and "I'd like to take those tights right off of you, girl!" and "Hey, can I be part of your plans later?"

You know what, y'all: feminism be damned, that made my night. Really.


Kaitlyn said...

Part of getting contacts and dying/cutting my hair this week was to get back the feeling of when I used to get honked at while pumping gas.

It's simply nice to know you're wanted :)

lifeofadancer312 said...

no i completely understand... stuff like that makes everyone feel good even though it shouldn't :)

Monica H said...

But that's why do they do it! They do it because they think you'll like it, though most people claim not to.

I just like when they smile at me :-)

Stephany said...

I can totally relate! I roll my eyes and pretend it annoys me, but secretly, I'm thrilled. Sigh. I'd never make a good feminist.