P.S. OH, what a day

I'm 'bout tuckered out, y'all. I present to you MY DAY:

1) Saying bye to D.
2) Presentation due in class
3) Spending 3 hours (THREE) either on the phone with AT&T or talking to the morons live, in person, at an AT&T store
4) Getting a jury duty notice (grooooan)
5) Finding out that all the footage I shot this weekend for a segment due TOMORROW is GONE. As in, bye bye, ain't comin' back, have-to-shamefacedly-email-my-teacher, I'll-have-to-make-time-to-reshoot-everything-tomorrow, tech-people-are-befuddled kind of GONE.
6) Realizing at 10 p.m. that paper corrections for history class are due, uh, TOMORROW as well. And then panicking.


Today was just so ridiculously sunny that I couldn't be upset for long. I just couldn't. That's one thing I've learned about myself since moving up here: my moods are really affected by weather. As in sun? Just makes everything better.

So, now, I'm off to do paper corrections. And cower in fear of my professor's upcoming response to my "OOPS!" e-mail.

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Kaitlyn said...

I miss you and am glad to see you are doing well!

As soon as Twilight and hw and work and give me my life back we'll chat, promise :)