Merci, y'all

I appreciate all the e-mails (and the comments) I got about my post 2 days ago. I'm not making a final decision for at least a week -- I'll be home a week from tomorrow -- but in the meantime I'm keeping all your advice at hand.

D. is making a final decision about college tomorrow! It's completely nerve-wracking, as she's absolutely torn between two EXCELLENT schools. She and I spent last night looking up facts about each school, and really getting to the heart of the important stuff. Like which school's founder/namesake is more attractive:

School A

or School B

(School A won. Dur.)

Anyway. School's wrapping up, I've sent home a few boxes and am beginning the rest of the packing process, and things are ending quite nicely here at DreamSchool! I can't help but think, though, if these are my last few days here. If yesterday's tour was the last tour I'd give. Etc., etc., etc.

We'll see. That's about all I can say in the meantime.