I'm a phoney

Hi, I'm Nanny, and I blow through cell phones like it's nobody's business.

(hiiiii, Nannyyyyyy)

I've had 8 phones in 5 years. It's not my fault, y'all. Things just HAPPEN to my phones. Seriously.

1) My first phone I got on my 15th birthday. It was a basic silver flip phone. I didn't even know what texting was when I got that phone. I KNOW.

2) I had to get a new one about a year later because the hinges broke on that phone -- too much use, I guess. (I can't help it! I HAD to talk for work! You know, fielding babysitting calls! Duh!) It was the same model of the phone since I was still under warranty of the first one, so it was free.

3) About a year after that, we switched providers, so I got an entirely different phone. A boring black and silver flip phone.

4) One morning on the way to school, I spilled my glass of milk on it. Oops. I was out of warranty, so I had to buy the cheapest phone my provider had -- boooooring black flip phone.

5) About a year after that, we switched providers AGAIN. So I got an uber cute pink slide phone. I LOVED THAT.

6) A month later, the keys started to crack and threaten to fall off. So under warranty, I got another one of the same phone.

7) Four months after that, they keys again started to crack and fall apart. So I got another one of the same phone under warranty.

8) My phone completely fell apart. Literally. Like, dead apart. (That may or may not be related to the number of times I'd dropped it. Shhhh.) Warranty decided to send me an entirely new phone after MUCH drama and me spending literally 8-10 hours on the phone with AT&T and arguing and being nice and cursing and crying. This one's a red shiny slide phone and I. LOVE. IT.

Oh, but three days after I got my brand spankin' new shiny red phone, I may or may not have dropped it in the toilet.


Three rather tense days (and a LOT of prayers and blowing gently on my phone to dry it out) later, my phone decided it would work again. AND OH MY GOODNESS I WAS THANKFUL.

I'm hoping to hang onto this phone for a good while to come.

And in the meantime I'm staying far away from milk, toilets, and the floor. At least when I have my phone with me.


Erin O. said...

You crack me up with your stories...If I ever need a good laugh or cry, I can always count on you...glad I found you on blogland.

Monica H said...

I've had 2 phones in 6 years and the first one still works! Mr. H is on his fourth because he wore out the hinges on one and dropped another in the sink if water. It never dried out.

Hope this one lasts a bit longer!

K said...

Hi Nanny!

I really enjoy reading your blog. I'm a part time nanny for a great family. I was wondering if you'd ever done any over night nannying, as my family is asking about it, but I have no idea how I'd charge them. I make $10 an hour for two girls, and the family would be staying in the hospital to have another baby. How much would you charge in this situation??


Kaitlyn said...

I have had... A LOT. I'm not sure how many. No warranties for me though. Some hand-me-downs. I have to have sliders and I would break a flip phone in an instant! Ha.

The Nanny said...

K--yeah, I've done that a ton! I have some questions about the family though, before I'd name you a price--can you email me? theonlinenanny@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I'm still laughing about the "I may or may not have" part. Thanks for brightening my day!