I'm alive! Promise!

I just had the best weekend with D.--we played a TON of games (and I won most of 'em, wink wink. Though she might disagree), ate some amazing food, and just had a great time being AROUND each other!

For posterity, and to make y'all drool, and cause I love talking about (and eating) food, here's what I ate this weekend. No judging, please. We both went a little crazy.

Friday lunch: a marble (half pumpernickel, half rye) bagel with butter, and a strawberry/banana Naked juice (NOM)
Friday dinner: boring dinner on campus. Don't remember what I had.
Friday dessert: OM NOM NOM PASTRIES from a world-famous pastry place. D. had a 'whoopie pie' (oh, just google it) and I had just about the most orgasmic piece of chocolate fudge cake that I've ever had. ZOMG NOM.

Saturday lunch: a deeeelish bagel with hummus, lettuce, and onion. NOMNOMNOM.
Saturday dinner: nommy pasta with garlic & butter sauce
Saturday dessert: Ben & Jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough (mmmmmm)

Sunday: leftover pasta, more Ben & Jerry's

I'm paying for it today as my pants are a bit tight, but OH it was so worth it. Great time with my BFF, nommy food...happy Nanny! Unfortch, this week is SWAMPED in work, but *squee* y'all can look forward to a post telling EXACTLY why I LOVE AT&T.


Anonymous said...

I am TOTALLY jealous. Not the food (it does sound great, tho) but the GAMES!!!!

I want someone to play GAMES.


Monica H said...

No judgement here- sounds yum!