I triple-dog-dare you not to tear up watching this

(P.S. Yeah, yeah, it's my blog, I can post whatever I want to on it!)

(P.P.S. I'm leaving comments open. What do y'all think?)


lifeofadancer312 said...

i love this.

Monica H said...

I'm glad this is out there for all to see.

"Everyone should be so lucky"

Tracy said...

Yup. Crying.

I just don't get it. Why are people so anti-love?

Anonymous said...

I'm stealing it! :)

Kaitlyn said...


I find myself wishing they were best friends and not lovers.

Given the reality, I choose to stay off the political agendas and allow others who have strong opinions to voice them.

It's hard for me to comment on this. Yet I made up my mind to comment on your next post come hell or high water.

So here you have it.

Know that I love people without regard for who THEY love.

The Nanny said...

Kaitlyn, you know how much I love you, so this comment is said with love!!! The thing is, they ARE lovers, not just best friends. So why should we deny them legal marriage? It doesn't have to be religious marriage -- like the laws in Connecticut say that NO religious institution has to perform a same-sex marriage if it doesn't want to. But legally, same-sex couples are allowed to be married. Would something like that be okay with you?

Kaitlyn said...

I'm really not sure Nans.

One of the huge hesitations I have with gay marriage is the pressure I think religious institutions would begin to feel if it were legalized. Could an instiution be sued for discrimination if they refused to marry homosexual couples? That would greatly, greatly upset me. It would totally nullify the original purpose of "seperation of church and state".

Part of me wants to defend the American's right to choose as a collective whole. I greatly admire the democratic process in our country. Yet, our government fails us on so many levels that I also find the majority opinion very hard to defend.

I believe in marriage between a man and a woman. I find it hard to support anything that nullifies that definition. Yet I also find it hard to discriminate based on something that other Christians do not view to be a sin. You know I'm big on improving ourselves instead of judging others :)

In truth, I just don't know. I want to give you a great answer, but this is the best I can do!

The Nanny said...

Kaitlyn, I'm pretty sure if same-sex marriage legislation were passed, they'd make sure there was a clause within it allowing religious institutions to choose whether or not they want to preform a same-sex marriage without chance of being sued :)

Thank you for considering the question, and giving a heartfelt answer!