I've been rather deluged lately with Facebook friend requests from adults from waybackwhen. I met most of these people when I was very young, and saw them all on a regular basis through church until I was around 13, so they knew me very well. I thought they were all pretty much Boring Old Adults, but I liked them all enough.

Now that they're friending me on Facebook, though, it kinda ooogs me out a bit. I mean, these are people who knew the young Nanny. And I'm not young anymore. And while there's nothing on my Facebook page that I wouldn't want a potential employer to see (I know. I'm one of those freaks. I censor EVERYTHING), it's still...a bit weird.

But here's the problem: I feel guilty denying their FB friendship. Cause they know me. And they'd know that I've DENIED them. And that, my friends, is harsh. I just don't particularly want them to be my FB friends.


This is another reason I'm glad I use my blog name only on Twitter -- so that a) people IRL won't find me (hopefully) and b) that I can turn people down (my Tweets are locked) without feeling too guilty.

Though the bottom line? Is that if this is one of my biggest concerns du jour (it isn't, but it's definitely occupied valuable brain space as of late), I'm a pretty damn lucky girl.

The end.