Did I miss something?

So I was talking with several friends last night. Actually I lied. It was more than several and these conversations took place over several weeks' time.

But the common theme in all these conversations was that each and every one of my friends feel like since coming to college, they've each changed SO MUCH and have each learned SO MUCH about themselves.


Did I miss something? Was there a class in Changing and Learning About Yourself: 101 that I forgot to take? Cause, um, I don't really feel like I've changed. Or learned a lot about myself since coming up here.

I just feel kinda normal. I mean, I suppose I've learned to navigate the subway system pretty well. I'm fairly good at spending the least amount of money to get the most amount of food. And I've discovered that I can churn out a pretty damn good paper last-minute.

But as for any major revelations about who I am? Not so much. I still feel like the same old Nanny. I spend way too much time on the computer. I drool way too much over other peoples' babies. I still make way too many sexual innuendo jokes. I'm still, well, me.

Though I suppose I do have three more years after this one for further self-discovery.

And that's what she said.


Kaitlyn said...

I changed, but it's the result of becoming a Christian. Sometimes it's better to be stable though :)

Monica H said...

You say you're still normal, maybe thay weren't :-)

Be Kool. Never Change. Stay Sweet.

I feel like I'm signing your yearbook..lol!