I met up with a bloggy friend this afternoon today (and her baby boy, who is just about the most delicious baby I've ever laid eyes on).

We discussed, among other things (dorm rooms, tornadoes, Easy Bake Ovens) the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar* and how some people say the Mayans are predicting the world will end -- or something otherwise catastrophic will happen -- in December of 2012. (Normally I don't take much stock in these things, but from what I've heard/read the Mayan calendar has been eerily accurate about other things, so...)

Now, y'all know me, and y'all know my anxiety problems. I would think that I'd have anxiety over this, but I really don't...I'm really just fascinated to see what, if anything, happens come Dec. 21 three years from now.

What say you guys? We gonna die?

*Here is the ever-credible Wikipedia page. Scroll down to read about it. Though the more I read about it, the more I think it's just a bunch of hooplah.

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Kaitlyn said...

I believe that the end of the world is the second coming of Jesus Christ. I'd encourage you to research that, and come talk to me :)