New clothes

My apologies to you guys--I've been a terrible commenter/blogger as of late. Bare (bear? I'm too exhausted to remember) with me, it's midterm season and I'm also particularly swamped at work. I find out tomorrow about the RA situation, and I've made peace with the decision either way. If I get it, that's great, the money is very much appreciated (though it'll be an enormous amount of work). If I don't, I'm set up to be in a suite with 5 of my best girl friends up here, and that will be great as well.

I'll be flying home for spring break in a few days and I'm trying to not let the flight anxiety get to me too much. There have been a few too many plane crashes lately and I'm absolutely freaked out. If only Texas were closer to DreamSchool city! :-)

OH--about the title. I've gotten some really cute and really cheap new clothes in the past week or so! I found a great thrift store nearby so now I have 3 new skirts (that I can wear on a daily basis, they're pretty casual but can be dressed up), a two sweater/wraps, 3 camisoles in various colors, a scarf, and several pairs of tights. The materialistic side of me is screaming in pleasure!


Monica H said...

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. I hope you get it!

Congrats on the "new" clothes. How fun!

Kaitlyn said...

Wait-listed is still better than nothing. Sorry to hear about it though!

Have fun in TX!

Also, I love clothing as well. Esp. skirts!! Way to go :)

Monica H said...

I hoped to have heard from you today about the RE position. Did you hear anything from them yet?