The Left Boob Chronicles, Part IV

Slice 'em and dice 'em

Jan. 12 rolled around, and with that came my consult with the breast surgeon. Just like with the breast ultrasound clinic, I was the youngest one in the room by a LOT. My mom had come with me and I think most people thought I was there with her, not the other way around.

Eventually I went back to talk with the surgeon. She examined me and definitely felt the lump, but didn't seem too worried. After she was finished, she told me that she thought the lump was just very dense breast tissue. Normally she would have done a biopsy on it, but since the lump was so small and in such a weird position, she would have had to do a surgical biopsy -- I would be under anesthesia, and she would have had to go through my left nipple to get it.

First, that would have been unnecessarily invasive since she wasn't too concerned about the lump. Second, having to go through the nipple would potentially cause problems down the road and hinder my ability to (one day, hopefully) breastfeed my children. So she ultimately decided that I should just keep an eye on it, but not be too worried (I wasn't), because it was 99.9% nothing. She wanted to check up on me again when I was home in March, though, just to be sure.


Fast-forward to late February. I was up at DreamSchool again (I returned in mid-January) and back in the swing of school. One night I decided I should do a BSE again, just to check on things. I found the lump in my left breast and I could immediately tell it was bigger. I'm not going to lie, that freaked me out. I'd estimate it was probably acorn-sized, whereas previously it was lima bean-sized.

Once I calmed down (and called my parents to freak out to them), I decided I'd call the breast surgeon to schedule my spring break appointment in March. It was only two weeks away, so I was okay waiting til then to get the lump checked out again.

Part V (the last one!) to be continued...