The Left Boob Chronicles, Part II

At least I'm not crazy

As Dec. 22 approached, I grew more and more worried that the lump was made up, that I was making a big deal out of nothing. I felt calm, though, about the lump itself -- for whatever reason, I was fully confident that even if it was an actual lump, it was okay.

Finally the day arrived, and I went off to the gynecologist's. I love her. She's awesome AND has warm hands. What more could I ask for?

ANYWAY. I changed into one of those flimsy-ass paper gowns and hauled my butt up onto the table. Or really, jumped. Cause I'm kinda short, and I have to place both my hands behind me on the table and propel myself up and backwards to make it up there. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't...regardless, I was grateful I was alone in there.

Eventually, my gynecologist came in, I explained the lump and where it was, and she had me lie back so she could examine me. She found the lump pretty quickly -- I could tell by her face, because her brow furrowed a little bit, which of course made me feel ALL calm and relaxed inside. She asked again about my family history, and did a thorough breast exam of both my boobs, and my underarms.

Once she was done, she had me sit up and I desperately tried to cover myself with the paper gown thing. (I like to retain a modicum of dignity by not exposing by breasts everywhere. Oh, and when I sit up, my belly pooches over my jeans in a rather unflattering way, so I wanted to hide that.)

She explained to me that she definitely felt the lump, but she wasn't too worried because I was young, and the lump didn't feel suspicious. But she did want to make sure that it was nothing and ordered that I have a breast ultrasound (which, by the way, I didn't know existed. I later found out you can give pretty much anything an ultrasound. I believe my mother's had her arm ultrasounded) as soon as possible.

The minute I left her office, I called the diagnostic center downstairs. They had already heard from my doctor and could fit me in the next morning (Christmas Eve) at 8 a.m.

Part III to be continued...