Home sweet TEXAS

Y'all, it is SO GOOD to be home. I can't say that enough.

It's sunny and beautiful outside -- I've been living in skirts and shorts and it's been heaven! I also just feel happier. I didn't realize how much the weather affects my moods. I love DreamSchool city, and I'm happy there, but I'm pretty much ecstatically happy here. LOVE me some Texas sunshine!

Also, being with pupster Max and my family and D. (who, by the way, got into an Ivy League school last week! GO GIRL!)...it's just so nice. I never realize how much I miss being home until I'm here.

What's interesting, though, is that this trip home I feel differently about something. I've mentioned in the past how it was really weird/hard for me to get used to CONSTANTLY being around people, especially while going places -- either on the subway or on the street, there are people *everywhere*.

But now? I'm so used to it that I hate being in my car alone. It's very weird to be flip-flopping like this :-)

Bottom line, I love DreamSchool and I love being home. I'm just a ridiculously lucky gal.

P.S. The big Confession post is coming in 2 days! WOOT!


Anonymous said...

Big Confession post? Ooh, can't wait.

And Ivy League bodes well for her fellow Dreamcity School, no? Wishing her all the best on this last stretch of the wait!

Monica H said...

Congrats D! WOuld this be the ivy League school in Dream school city?

I'm glad you're able to be homw with your family and friends. The weather is beautiful!

The Nanny said...

No, not in DreamSchool city :( It's about 9 hrs away by bus.

Kaitlyn said...

Again. so glad you're enjoying your time! I love the picture below by the way :) Sorry I missed the past couple posts-- it's been CRAZY as you know ♥