There's a GAP in my jeans

So while I was home over break, my darling mother and I went shopping in search of jeans.

I know, I know. We're crazy. But still. They were DESPERATELY needed.

I had previously only had one pair, my one, reliable, trusty Old Navy bootcuts. But they were starting to fall apart completely after daily wear. See, as a human being, jeans are not easy to find that will fit me. We ALL have that problem. And it sucks. So I was *not* looking forward to this whole shopping-for-jeans extravaganza.


Luck was on my side!!! On a whim we went to a store (I won't mention its name for fear of beings sued...but check the title of this post if you're curious) to check out the sale stuff and guess what! We found jeans! TWO PAIRS OF JEANS THAT FIT ME AND LOOKED GOOD!!!

Here are the strikes against me with jeans:
1. I'm short. REALLY short. Any jeans that I buy will automatically need to be tailored at least 6 inches. So I always mentally add that cost into the "Can I really afford these jeans?" arguement.
2. I'm curvy. REALLY curvy. I have a mighty fine ass, but tree trunk thighs. Couple that with being short? You've got a problem, sistah.
3. My torso is really short. More specifically, my crotch-to-belly button length is really short. Even extra low rise hits me about an inch below my belly button. I am not kidding.

(Side note: While trying on a pair of plain low rise (not extra low rise) jeans, I stepped out of the stalls to get the input of the sales rep. "Oh, looks GREAT!" she said. "But let me get you a low rise. Those high rises are so unflattering on you!"


I was wearing a low rise already. Not a high rise. But thanks anyway.)

But I did find two pairs that fit me really well! I was beyond ecstatic. We got them hemmed, I loved them, and back up to DreamSchool I went.

Well...turns out everything wasn't all sunshines and roses in the jeans department. After wearing the first pair of jeans twice, they stretched out so much that they literally fall off my hips while I walk. No amount of drying them in the dryer will make them fit for more than an hour before stretching out again. And I can't wear belts, because see #3 above (they'd pooch out under my shirts).

And pair #2? Oh, I loved pair #2. Here, here's a picture for your visual interest:

(Disclaimer: those are not my legs. I WISH they were my legs.)

But anyway. Pair #2...they were so wonderful. I wore them almost every day for two whole weeks until--! RI-I-I-I-I-I-I-P.

I accidentally stepped ON MY OWN HEEL and they ripped apart at the back near my ankle--a huge, six-inch gash. Luckily, there's a girl on campus who sews so she fixed them for $3. WHEW.

Until three days later, I was sitting at my desk doing homework and NOT MOVING, and RI-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-P. This time? Approximately two inches from my crotch on the inside of my leg. UM SO NOT OKAY. I took them back to the girl, $2 later, they were mended. I got them back last night, and put them on this morning. And guess what. RIP.

Now this is getting ridiculous. The girl is fixing them again, but is this normal? I've never bought jeans from, uh, the store with three capital letters as its title before. And they weren't cheap jeans. Since they're so worn, hemmed, and mended, would they even take them back? The fabric on them just seems to be really flimsy, which is weird. The other pair is much sturdier but I can't wear it anymore since it's so stretched out.

Basically, I'm out $120 (jeans, hemming, and mending&remending) and have nothing to show for it. So I'm back to my trusty Old Navy jeans that may or may not be getting holes between my legs from where my thighs rub together when I walk.

Lovely, right?



Kaitlyn said...

Oh, my goodness! I recently went in search of jeans myself. Fifteen pounds in a year extra plus a general widening of the hip region equals new pants, right? I managed to find some great AnaB jeans on sale at JCPenny. (I'm not afraid of getting sued, and besides, I'm complimenting them!).

I have some of the opposite problems that you do. I'm 5'9" with tree-length legs so almost all jeans are short on me, and I have to account for the inch or two that they shrink when I dry them. I have a huge crotch to belly button ratio, and high rises look like low rise on me (and low rise are stinkin indecent). Plus, I'm a size 2 or 4 in womens so they don't make jeans and crotch lengths all that long for those pants with my waist. (Yes, I do manage to complain that I'm tall and thin with long legs. I hate myself for it too :). )

Wow, for a comment on YOUR jeans I've talked a lot about myself, huh. Anyways, I think that jeans with a huge GAP between quality and price totally stink. Ahem.

Monica H said...

Call the store and ask if they'll take them back. If they don't ask for the district or general manager's phone number and talk to them. They generally don't like complaints against their stores and they'll do quite a bit to keep you from hating them.

They may even refund your hemming fees if you have the receipts to show how much you spent. Tell them you really like their store (even if you don't) and are really disappointed in the quality of their products because you've been shopping there for so long (even if you haven't) and you'd like to continnue to do so (even if you don't).

I used to work in retail and ususally this method works. You can always call customer service at their HQ and talk to someone there, but I'd call the local managers first. It's their job to make sure the customer is satisfied and everything runs smoothly.

Sorry about your jeans, that sucks royally. I hate shopping for jeans...and bras- ugh!

The Nanny said...

Oh, Monica, I LOVE bra shopping! ANYTHING that makes my boobs look good I'm all for! :-)

Allyson said...

I HATE shopping for jeans.

The GAP takes anything back, no questions asked. I am sure they would have no problem taking back your faulty jeans.

Stephany said...

Ah, I love Old Navy for jeans! I'm short at five-two so they (along with American Eagle) are the only company I know that actually makes petite jeans PETITE! And they're always so comfy. :)

Taryn said...

I have Old Navy Jeans that are starting to wear in the thighs too. I hate that.

Anonymous said...

Can you have a tailor or the girl at school take the other jeans in? I know someone who has the same problem as you and she has a lot of jeans. She can buy them anywhere and then she just has them taken in.

Mehgan said...

I bought a pair of Long & Leans in September - I was thrilled that I was able to get back into my absolute favourite style and fit of denim! Granted, I've been wearing them a lot in the past month, but denim should stand up to a lot more wear before they start the chub rub fray & rip! They weren't even tight in the thighs or seat - they were practically baggy!! Anyways, I took them back this morning, a few days past the 30 day defective merchandise policy - the manager managed to insult me just a little about the rubbing ("I've never seen this before in our jeans", and "If your thighs rub together, this is going to happen"), but did ultimately give me a merchandise credit.

I think I'll avoid the denim from that store from now on...maybe I'll stock up on socks instead?

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