My funny Valentine('s Day)

What have I done on Valentine's Day?

1. Shopped a LOT (and bought a few things! Look below!)
2. Ate nom nom NOMMY food

What have I done on Valentine's Night?

1. Watched these guys:

And then these guys (I know, I know. HUSH):

2. Had a fantastic date with these guys:

Or rather...this:

In other words, NOM. So it's been a pretty good day. But nothing beats what I'll be doing later tonight:
shaving my legs. Can you stand the excitement? I know I can't. But no pictures of my legs. Cause, um, NO.


Kaitlyn said...

Ha. I'm not even single, and I watched both the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants AND the P. Diaries tonight. I also enjoyed a large amount of dark chocolate. No leg shaving until the morning shower though. :)

Monica H said...

Lord knows (and Mr. H too) that I need to shave my legs. but I shaved my under arms yesterday. And well, one thing at a time...sheesh!

I watched DVR'd Food Network Episodes, made chocolate covered strawberries and graham crackers with marshmallows (as you say, nom!) made dinner and watched Under The Tuscan Sun. I love that movie.

A very quiet and kind of lonely day. Mr. H is a non-celebrator. Boo.

Stephany said...

Ha, I watched When Harry Met Sally and stuffed my face as well. :) Oh, and I can pretty much quote The Princess Diaries word for word. I love that movie.