Missing out on life

Whilst doing some reading for my history class, I came across a passage that described the origins of what's stereotypically known as southern (or soul) food. And it listed those foods. Okra, yams, black eyed peas, creamed/fried corn, etc.


My mouth was watering within seconds. I miss my good ol' southern comfort food. I haven't had any of it since I moved up north -- and my roomies and friends up here (all northerners) are less than excited to go in search of greasy fried food. OH, healthy northerners. They are NO fun.

While reading about the yummy yummy foods I may have let out a teeny-tiny audible groan. Or moan. Not sure which. But it caused both of my roommates and the two friends in the room to look up at me.

"You OK?" they asked.
"Noooooo," I moaned/replied. "I want some fried okraaaaaa."

Blank stares all around. That was one of the instances in which I realized JUST HOW DIFFERENT the south and north are. They'd never had okra. Plain or fried. Any of them. They didn't even know what it looked like.

Oh, sweet jesus, they haven't lived.

Further investigation revealed that they'd never had creamed OR fried corn either. Or black eyed peas with cornbread. Or anything good, apparently. What? People up north don't like to cook all the nutrition out of their vegetables and legumes and then fry what's left?

The whole conversation left me very sad. I just can't imagine a life without fried vegetable-y goodness. The closest thing I've had up here to southern food is the few times when our school's cafeteria served hush puppies, but those were BAKED, not fried -- sad shells of their deliciously greasy counterparts. I nearly cried when I ate them. "YOU PEOPLE ARE MISSING OUT ON SO MUCH!" I may or may not have yelled.

Me? Melodramatic? NAH.

Now don't get me wrong -- it's not like I eat this stuff every day at home. It's just on rare (but wonderful) occasions when we cook a nice, proper southern meal. I *long* for those days. It's been far too long since we've had one of those days.

Only a month left 'til I'm home for spring break. And you better believe we'll be having a southern dinner then.


Kaitlyn said...

I'm originally from North Carolina. I love me some southern food. It is a shame that there are people who don't know this delicious food! Thankfully my mom is up here with me so I get her to cook food for me sometimes :) YUM.

lifeofadancer312 said...


Monica H said...

You're making me want to go to Luby's and chow down- mmm!

Have you ever had the creamed corn from Rudy's BBQ? The most amazing stuff EVER! You must try it when you get home.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I miss the North sometimes.

And can I say that you Southerners are also poorly lacking in some delicacies? Like good Italian food. No, not the Olive Garden or Macaroni Grill, REAL Italian cuisine. And pizza. And BAGELS. And deli sandwiches. The coffee shops down here suck. I really miss having a GOOD coffee shop with bagels and muffins and scones on every corner. I'll give the South the Mexican and BBQ, but oh how I miss some of my Yankee food.

*homesick sigh*

(and you will never ever convince me that I'm missing out by never having had fried okra or black eyed peas if you lump creamed corn in that category. Disgusting!)

The Nanny said...

MM--trade places for a week so we can each fill up on our respective northern/southern food? :-)

pithydithy said...

I tried to grow okra up here in VT....twice. My plants back in Texas would be eight feet tall with gorgeous flowers and okra pods that would go from edible to a foot long in a day. My plants here? About a foot tall. Never produced an okra. It just made me more depressed to look at them. When I'm rich, I'm going to build a special greenhouse just to grow okra.

Zanzibar George said...

How are you even SURVIVING up there?!
These people are siriusly disturbed if they think you're the one with weird tastes.

Fried okra: amazing
Black-eyed peas & cornbread: double amazing.
People up north: lame.

What's the point of having vegetables if they're going to be THAT healthy? Might as well just invent capsules that deliver all the vitamins and nutrients we need to stay alive.

Forget taste, it's completely unnecessary.

Sigh. Then again I guess this IS coming from me. The worst eater in the history of of forever. Along with one other person that both of us know who eats just as badly as I do.

I hope you have a deliciously unhealthy Southern dinner as soon as you come home.

Love you,

Zanzibar George said...

P.S. When is your spring break?