I look at all the lonely people

I'm always a bit discombobulated after someone who's come to see me here at DreamSchool leaves. My sister just left (this morning) after a long weekend, and it was great! We had so much fun.

We ate ridiculously large amounts of yummy food, shopped for clothes and shoes (and, as it turns out, baby clothes...), and were all tourist-y in the general DreamSchool vicinity. Since I don't have school today, it's a nice end to a really nice weekend. As I did the four (yep) loads of laundry that I've been putting off for weeks, and tidied up my room, I felt rather lonely.

I don't miss home, per se, very much. I miss my puppy a LOT, and my crazy bird, and D., and my parents and sister, but I've not been really homesick up here until someone leaves. I felt the same way after my mom left from parents weekend, and D. left in November. A general lonely glum. But the good news is that I'll be home within a month!

Wow. Within a month. Next month I'll be home for spring break, and then D. comes up here in April, and then I go back home in May. I can't believe how fast this year has passed! I'm really happy I took the year off because most of my friends are itching to get out of college and go into the workforce, while I've been there, done that, and am enjoying college while I have it because I know it doesn't last long!

Also within a month? Is my birthday. Holy jesus mother almighty, it crept up on me. Just a little heads up: I'll be having another Confession Post around my birthday. Start thinking of your secrets!

(P.S. Comments off for this post cause, um, there's not really much to comment about. And I hate staring at the little "0 Comments" bit.)