I couldn't help myself

So...today while out shopping with my sister (who's in town, by the way!), I made two purchases.

The first:

I got these from Urban Outfitters for only $4.99 but in a delicious chocolate brown (I. LOVE. CHOCOLATE. BROWN). They are sooooo comfy and I'm wearing them right now.

The second?

Oh...I can't believe I'm admitting this. This is the second (my talented sister took the pictures):

Yeah. So that, ladies and gentlemen, is a teeny-tiny dress. A baby dress. Like for a baby. A real live baby. Except I? Am QUITE a few years from even thinking about real live babies.

So why did I buy the baby dress? Oh, let me count the ways. First of all, it's vintage from the 70s. I *love* that. Plus, it was only $3. And the third reason?

Just look how sweet the little lace ruffles are.

I just couldn't pass that up. So now I have a baby dress, a sweet little baby dress, and I'm rather madly in love with it. Along with my chocolate brown moccasins.


Kaitlyn said...

I am going to laugh so hysterically if you have all boys. Then I'm going to make you ship me that dress-- ADORABLE!!

Also, love the deal on the mocs :)

Monica H said...

I bought a lacey white baby dress about 3 years ago while on vacation on the coast. It is/was so beautiful and I longed for a baby girl who would one day wear it.

It's folded in my drawer. Every now and then I pull it out and look at it and I wonder if one day a "little me" will make it's way into my world. Then I think of the boys and think "probably not".

If you ever have a girl, I'll send you my lacy ruffley dress.

Molly said...

Nice baby dress!! I would like to pick this one for my cute baby girl!!