The Giant Purple Polo incident

So yesterday at work they gave us all matching polo shirts to wear during important events. Today was an important event.

But oh, the drama. The Giant Purple Polo drama.

When they gave me my polo yesterday, all I checked to see was that it was, indeed, a medium (just like I'd ordered). It wasn't until I got back to my dorm room and the office had closed that I unfolded the shirt, held it up, and realized it was GIGANTIC.

Pretend this little girl is me and that the shirt is, in fact, a large purple polo. But this is about how the polo fit me:

Mmmmmm yep. A little big. But like I said, the office was closed so I couldn't try to exchange the polo for a smaller size. I don't have anyone's cell phone numbers so I couldn't call any of my supervisors -- all I had was a glorious little invention called Facebook to help me.

After Facebook stalking several of my bosses (none of their profiles listed cell numbers, but they did list screen names--BUT OF COURSE none of them were online) all I could do was leave FB up and hope someone would get on FB chat.

And wait.

In the meantime, one of my friends brought over several belts in attempt to "fashionize" the Giant Purple Polo, to no avail. One of my roommates, who specializes in costume design, even tried to safety pin the shirt in several places in an attempt to make it more form-fitting...but NOTHING WORKED.

One of my supervisors finally got on FB chat, but she didn't know if I could get a smaller size for the very important day today. So, resigned, I went to bed.

This morning, I got up at the crack of dawn and got ready to leave for work (since it was an important day, I was working extra). Just as I was running out the door I stopped to use the restroom. I was already running slightly late. So of COURSE there had to be more drama, right?

So.....my zipper broke on my jeans. On the only remaining pair of jeans I own (the new GAP ones, not the ripped ones but the ones that stretched out so much that they fall down). WONDERFUL.

I fly back to my room and put on my old Old Navy jeans--the ones that now have holes on the inside of each thigh cause my legs rub together. Luckily you can't tell unless I go into the splits, but let me just tell you that it still is NOT COOL. Those jeans are also really frayed and worn at the bottom (not that professional). But they were pants, and all I had, so I went with them.

The good thing was that they had another polo in a smaller size, so that worked out. And I did fabulously at work today, which was even better. And since I worked extra, I have more spending money! Ka-ching, baby.

(For what it's worth, I spent $6.50 watching a laser show at the science place centered around Queen songs. It was an excellent investment. So what if I don't get to buy yogurt this week?)


Kaitlyn said...

Ha, well, silly me for not checking this blog yet! Yay for it working out :)

I have to wonder, have you considered wearing not-jeans? I wear skirts and/or cords/grey pants/black pants much more than I wear jeans. That might help your dilemma!

Then again, I'm not all that fashionable, so I should stop talking :)

The Nanny said...

No--I'd love wearing things other than jeans! I just haven't been able to justify spending MORE money on clothes to buy them. I bought a lot of clothes for my year as a full-time nanny--so it's jeans, comfy shirts, etc. I can't really afford to buy a new wardrobe now as much as I'd like to :-(

Anonymous said...

Your loving marmsie will gladly buy you two pairs of new jeans (or whatever kind of pants). Just find them and she'll send the moola or if it's online, send the link and she'll purchase them.

Love you!

Miss you!

Monica H said...

Mom to the rescue!!! Hope you find bottoms soon.