A dirty dilemma

So this post will be a very brief, but very INTENSE, complaint about laundry. (So that's why I said "dirty" dilemma! Get it? Dirty laundry! Zing! Thankyouverymuch!)

DEAR DREAMSCHOOL. (Yes, a period.)

There are close to 1000 people living in MyDormatory (side note: does it annoy the heck out of y'all the way I put words together like that? DreamSchool? MyCity? MyDormatory? Yeah, that last one's a stretch. It's starting to annoy me.) (Can you tell I'm rather ADD today? Must be the waffles I had for breakfast combined with the Nantucket Nectar I used to chase the waffle.) ANYWAY STARTING OVER.

There are close to 1000 people living in MyDormatory. Does it not occur to you that we'll need more than 18 washers and 18 dryers? Especially on a day like today WHERE THERE ARE PEOPLE CAMPED OUT IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM READY TO POUNCE ON THE NEXT AVAILABLE WASHER/DRYER LIKE ANIMALS? DOES IT NOT OCCUR TO YOU THAT YOU ARE TURNING YOUR STUDENTS INTO ANIMALS?!?!?

On the one hand, it was a great leg work out dragging a bag full o' dirty laundry up, and then down, five flights of stairs trying to find empty dryers. On the other hand? IT WAS ANNOYING. Not to mention the DIRTY LOOKS I got from people who were waiting in line five and ten people deep.

Le. Sigh.

If I could conceivably trek to the nearest laundromat to do my laundry, I would. But it's bitingly cold outside and I don't really feel like walking two miles in single-digit temperatures carrying LOTS OF DIRTY LAUNDRY THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Excuse me, I have to run now. The washer I've got my clothes in will be done in 25 minutes so I need to start looking for a free dryer NOW.


P.S. Please accept me into your honor's program AND make me an R.A.! Happy February!


lifeofadancer312 said...

here is what i did at myballetcamp (dang! now i'm doing it too!) this summer:

step 1: wake up at 4 AM
step 2: put clothes in washing machine
step 3: go back to sleep
step 4: wake up 10 mins earlier than you usually do and put clothes in the dryer (because no one will need a dryer yet... they will all just have started putting their clothes in the washer! see my logic?)
step 5: go back to dorm room and get ready to go to class/whatever you do in college
step 6: go get clothes out of dryer
step 7: leave for class

THERE. your woes have been solved. your welcome.

Monica H said...

Or you could get yourself a collapsible cart (like for groceries) and push your laundry around the city--like a hobo.

I think your sister's advice is a bit better though. It's gonna suck either way.

The Nanny said...

Sis--good solution, but since the quarter slots are broken on almost ALL the washers and dryers, I have to borrow a friend's ID to pay with DreamSchool money. So I wouldn't want to wake her up that early, and if we're found overnight without our IDs we get in trouble.


lifeofadancer312 said...

couldn't you borrow your roommate's id?

Anonymous said...

Or, you cold put some DreamSchoolCash onto YOUR ID accont and use it...