A wooden spoon?!?

So apparently we're supposed to get some snow within the next few days. A fairly significant amount, if the weathermen are to be believed (which I hope they are!). I was talking with the roomies last night about the possibility of school being canceled (HA) when they both suggested we help Mother Nature along a bit.

"Um, excuse me?" said I.
"You know, do stuff like the rain dance, except for SNOW," said they.

Um, okay.

Turns out you need to do these several things if you want school to be canceled because of snow the next day:

1. Finish any and all homework you have
2. Do the "snow dance" (though only one of my roommates claimed this worked, and when prodded she couldn't remember how it went)
3. Wear your pajamas inside out AND backward
4. Put a wooden spoon underneath your pillow*

*(Now, at this point, I repeated, "A WOODEN SPOON under your PILLOW?!?" for which they teased me mercilessly because apparently I say "pillow" like a southerner. They said it sounded like I was saying "pill-uh." Which I was not. Crazy Yankees...)

ANYWAY. I found it funny that they had both heard of these things and yet they were both from opposite sides of the northeast (which is not that far apart, but still). They assured me that there MUST be something southerners do to bring on SOMETHING.

"Bring on what?" asked I.
"We don't know...tornadoes?" asked they.
"UM NO," said I, and almost referred them to this post (#5) but I didn't want to give out my URL. See yesterday's post.

I've been thinking all day and I can't seem to come up with anything southerners do to bring on anything.

And I'm also a bit wondering if my roommates were pulling my leg. Wooden spoon, really?!?


Monica H said...

I don't think they're pulling your leg, or yanking your chain. I just think they're 'crazy yankees'!


If you do get more snow, you should make fresh snow ice cream! Yum!

Anonymous said...

It's pill-ohhhhh. Long o. Only proper way to say it.


Hmmmm...my Yankee snow ritual was to finish all the homework (because leaving yourself unprepared was a surefire way to curse yourself) and then sit in front of the television weather and ferverently clasp your hands and go "pleasepleaseplease".

Which is what I will be doing tonight as the cold front moves in and we are projected to have sleet and ice.