Questions part 1

Okay, so I got more than 5 comments, so Nanny is happy. (And you know what they say--if Nanny ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. Or is that supposed to be Momma?) I know I said I'd answer the questions on Friday, but I got more than I expected so I'll do part 1 today and part 2 on Friday!

From Monica H:

When do you start school again? January 20. Which is the day of the inauguration. I'm strongly considering skipping class so I can watch it live...should I? Shouldn't I? I'm conflicted!

What did you get for Christmas? Gift cards, and lots of them, which is exactly what I asked for! They're mostly for food (dining hall food gets SO old) and clothes. Also, long underwear and socks, both of which I asked for, and the Anne of Green Gables series! (Among other things.)

What cool gifts did you give? The most creative I gave was a gift certificate for a Fashion Bible for my mom. I gave her one for Mother's Day, too. Basically I go through her entire wardrobe (did summer, now this is for winter) and put together outfits for her. Then I take pictures and notes and put it all together in a booklet so she doesn't have to worry about anything! Badda-BING, I *am* a good daughter!

What sign are you? ha! I'm a pisces--a water symbol! It very much describes me. One of my roommates is very into astrology and such and she's told me all about pisces' and it sounds eerily accurate. I've decided I love astrology.

What's your favorite/least favorite food? Color? sound? Favorite food? That's a tough one! Probably either my world-famous guacamole (that I copied from my father), or a Hallie pizza--thin crust with JUST sauce, no cheese, and salad on top! I also love raw red bell peppers for snacking. Least favorite would probably be cheese or mushrooms. My favorite color is yellow, and my favorite sound? The ocean.

Do you cook/bake? What do you make? Very limited cooking. I heat up things exceptionally well. I make a mean PB&J, and I make very good guacamole. I'm also very good at making cookies and brownies, though not from scratch ;-)

(I answered Minivan Mom's (and the rest of the Posse's) question via e-mail. It wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be!)

Annnnnd from Life of a Dancer:

My favorite memories that involve my sister....hmmmm...that's a tough one. I can't really think of any...
I like when we take pictures together in the backseat. And when we text each other about our parents in front of our parents :-) And when we talk to each other through Max.

All right, that's the end of part 1! You can still submit questions below if you want to. I'll do Saint Richard's and Furrow's on Friday!


Anonymous said...

You are an AMAZING daughter. And not just because of the gift. But...my Fashion Bible is one of my favorite gifts EVER. (Note to dancer daughter and husband: I said ONE of my favorite gifts.) But definitely in the top five in memory. (You should consider posting a sample page for your loyal readers. And don't forget--there's always spring and fall!


Monica H said...

That was so sun! And like your momma suggested, we need a sample picture of your work :-)

The Nanny said...

I'll try to get one :-)

Furrow said...

Your next post won't let me comment. funny about the god thing. That's kind of where I am. Just can't accept nonexistence.

And I love Anne of Green Gables. True, true love. My best friend and I used to act out the scenes together -- in high school! Is that not geeky?

Thanks for answering the questions.

Anonymous said...

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