Ka-ching, sort of

So I've mentioned before that I got a job in DreamSchool's admissions office. I started work this week and I love it! I'm memorizing a BUNCH of facts and information about various locations so I can (eventually, once I'm certified) give tours, and I'm answering phones and sorting through applications.

The last bit, the applications bit, is the BEST part of the job so far. The things people name their children...oh lord, if only I could tell y'all! (I signed a contract and I'm not allowed to by law. And just in case they're ever able to connect this blog to me I don't want to be liable.) But anyway. I'm working a few hours a day, two days a week. It's not much, but with the way my workload has increased because of classes it's certainly keeping me busy!

The double-edged sword is that any money I make from this job will be subtracted from any financial aid DreamSchool will consider giving me for next year. I'm really not making much here (it's about a 50% drop in hourly rate from nannying) but still--this money is really for my weekly expenses, and it sucks that they'll take it out of whatever they'll offer me for next year.

In regards to money, though, I'm working on my R.A. application. If I become one for next year, that's another HUGE responsibility but it's free room and board. I'm also going to apply for the honor's track for next year. That's half-tuition. That works out to be about the same amount of money either way (I couldn't do both, logistically), so if I did get into both I'd be an R.A. So perhaps there is hope for some financial help cause lord knows we need it!

Yeah. So I don't really have much else to say, except that I discovered that one of the cafes on campus makes DELICIOUS red pepper hummus paninis (with carrots, onions, cucumber, roasted red pepper, tomato, and olive oil on grilled sourdough). So I? Am ridiculously happy.

That's all.


Monica H said...

Well happy eating and working!

Stephany said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment (sorry it took me so long to comment back. no excuse, just lazyyy!)

Anyway, I sooo hear you with all you're going through. School is a blessing and a curse, right? We need it but it's so expensive! I whine about it all the time on my blog, since my financial aid just got cut off, yay! ;)

Anyway! Just wanted to shout hello!