A chance for brownie points

So I've been summoned for jury duty in DreamSchool City. Unfortunately, here they do not accept being a full-time student as an exemption. I've talked to several people about it. Basically, I have to show up on the day they've summoned me and ask the judge for an exemption. I met up with a fellow blogger today and we were talking about excuses I could say to the judge to get me out of duty--besides, you know, the normal "I'm a student, I have 2 classes this day and I can't really afford to miss them, especially if I get picked to serve," etc., etc., etc.

SO. If y'all have any clever excuses, I'd love to hear them. (One excuse that we had talked about was the woman who claimed that she was psychic, so she already knew how the trial would end and therefore couldn't be expected to serve on the jury. Something like that is what I want. Because y'all know how I love to make a statement.)

Best suggestion wins brownie points! (And if I get no suggestions, well, I'll just have to pull the whole boring student one. But that's pretty slow motion lame.)


Kaitlyn said...

I can't stop giggling about the psychic remark.

You can walk in there with a book titled something like "Failures of the American Legal System vol. 16" or "Corrupt Judges of the Past Century" or "Communism for Liberals". Preferably with gigantic, easy to see from the bench, text.

That'd be my only suggestion :) Ha!

Anonymous said...

say you have narcolepsy.

Juicebox.mom said...

Go in wearing a Star Trek costume :-)

Tell them you think you recognize the defendant, or the lawyer.

Tell them you have a HUGE project due on Friday and won't be able to focus in court. Or bring your laptop and insist you have to work during the trial.

Text or talk on your cell phone the whole time they are questioning you.

Tell they you are agoraphobic and can't leave the house, however you'd be happy to serve on the jury if they could supply a video feed.

Good luck! make sure you let us know what happens

Monica H said...

Tell them you're making snowmen...or you lost your eye :-)

Your snowman is a cutie :-)

The Nanny said...

Monica, I wish I could take credit for the cute little snowman, but unfortunately I can't! We found it while walking the other day and I just took the picture :-)