Big money, no whammy

Yay: All went well with the other blogger today. I had a great time talking to her! We talked for over an hour and a half and I was sad to leave -- but I had to get back to school projects. Woohoo! (OH, and I didn't spill any coffee, because I didn't get any coffee. I got green tea instead, and only spilled a little on the table :-)

Oh no: Roommate #3 is exhibiting flu-like symptoms. I got my flu shot, but still. She looks so poor and pathetic all curled up in bed :-( NannyMode kicked in and I tucked her in, gave her medicine and got her some chicken soup. Nanny to the rescue!

Eeeek: We have an exact date and time for when D.'s ReallyHardToGetIntoSchool results will be available. I'm not telling the exact date/time, but you'll know soon enough whether it's a "nooooooo" or a "BOOYEAH!". Really, really, really hoping for a BOOYEAH!.

YEAH: I got a job!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be working in an office on campus doing stuff I wanted to do. The pay is pretty crappy, but it's a job and it's money and I'll take it!!!

The end!