Heinz ketchup and a Pillsbury doughboy

I'm meeting up with another blogger this weekend for coffee. I'm ridiculously (and unnecessarily) nervous because I've had a bloggy crush on her blog ever since I first discovered it (the pictures! the writing!).

Anyway, I'm a horribly awkward person in real life, truth be told. I'm always afraid I won't have enough to say, or I'll laugh the whole time (I do that when I'm nervous) or I'll accidentally say the wrong thing. That, or I'll make a horrible first impression. That, or I'll spill my coffee all over.

Which I am known to do.

*Note to self: perhaps don't order anything to drink. Is it acceptable to meet for coffee and not actually drink coffee?

ANYWAY. I'm sure all will go well and she'll love me.

Or what if she doesn't. GAH.

I don't know how often she reads my blog (if she does...hey fellow blogger!) because if she's reading this, it could be potentially mortifying. That, or it'll be a good thing because she'll know to lower those expectations one or two or twenty-six notches.

In the meantime, I'm chomping at the bit waiting to hear about D.'s ReallyHardToGetIntoSchool. She could potentially find out as early as this weekend as to whether or not she's in. She sent me a rather dismal statistic last night, though, about that school's early admission...there were 5,000 early action applicants. They have a 6% acceptance rate this year. That's the lowest in that school's history. So it's not lookin' good for the home team.

Which means: if we find out before I meet with the blog friend, I may or may not arrive, burst into tears, and bawl the entire time.

How's that for a good first impression?


Furrow said...

Oh, I bet I know you you're meeting up with! Tell her I said hi.

I've been a bad blog friend lately. I hope your first semester was all you dreamed it would be. I'll catch up some day.

Can I ask a fave? Would you please change your settings to allow full reading capabilities in bloglines? And other readers? I don't exactly remember how that works. But I don't always have time to click out.

The Nanny said...

Furrow--do you know how I could do that?

lifeofadancer312 said...

Oh Furrow I'm glad you asked that... it bugs me when I have to click out, too :)

ps. order coffee in a cup with a lid

Monica H said...

Nanny, you can change it in your settings, though I'm not sure exactly where it is. I don't mind it though, because I click on your blog to read anyway.

Glad Max is doing better. He looks so pitiful :-(

I don't know who you're having coffee with, but I'm a little jealous. I wanna have coffee and fudge with you :-) Maybe if your meeting goes bad, it'll just give her something to blog about-he he!

Monica H said...

Okay, go to SETTINGS, then to SITE FEED Then make sure it's on FULL. This will allow the readers who use blog readers to read your posts without having to click into your blog. Unfortunately this also means that your site counter will go down :-(

The Nanny said...

See...I remember changing it to make it a click-out link cause when I had the full post in the Bloglines, I got FAR fewer comments than when people had to visit my blog. And I LOVE my comments--I NEED my comments--I CAN'T. LIVE. WITHOUT. my comments!

But I can't figure out how to change it back! Grrrr...

The Nanny said...

Monica--the site # thing was also a reason I did it... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Have fun! My very best friends in the world started out as blog friends. :)

Anonymous said...

Awww.....what a nice thing to say. I'm blushing. (and I had a great time too)