The day with 5 airports

Y'all, I'm starting to think this whole traveling-from-DreamSchool-to-home thang ain't for me.

As evidence, I present to you MY DAY TODAY:

8:15 a.m.: Wake up! Shower, get dressed, put on make-up, finish last minute packing.
10:15: Frantically open drawers and look under beds to make sure I haven't forgotten anything.
10:25: Conclude that I haven't, and unplug all appliances in the room (we're going to be gone for a month).
10:30: Head downstairs with two large, heavy suitcases and my laptop bag. Curse not having enough money for a cab, and hope that people on the subway are nice today.
10:32-10:40: Bump...bump...bump...bump...make my way s-l-o-w-l-y down the stairs to the subway. By myself. The station is deserted.
10:44: Train arrives. Kind Stranger helps me lift my bags into the train. "That's a lot of heavy bags for such a small person!" he says. I agree.
10:50: Switch subway lines. Go down more steps. S-L-O-W-L-Y.
11:05: Get off subway and onto bus that'll take me to airport #1.
11:15: Arrive at airport #1. Run inside (er, run inside as fast as I can with approximately 80 lbs of suitcases and a rather heavy laptop bag), pee, and run outside to wait for the van that will take me to airport #2.
11:20: Van arrives.
1:20 p.m.: Arrive at airport #2. Buy a yogurt parfait. YUM. They're also training drug-sniffing dogs in the terminal. Um, SO ADORABLE.
2:05: Board airplane.
2:35: Take off 30 minutes late. I've got a REALLY tight connection for my connecting flight, so I'm starting to sweat. Weather's acting up so if I don't make connecting flight, I may not get home tonight.
4:20: Land at airport #3. My next plane started boarding 10 minutes ago. SHIT SHIT SHIT. I have to wait and pick up a carry-on bag that I ended up having to check, and then start running like a madwoman through two terminals.
4:40: MADE IT THANK YOU LORD JESUS. I am the last person on the plane. I also cannot breathe or feel my legs.
5:00: Captain announces we'll have a slight delay in taking off as there's ice on the wings. Oh, and we'll be making a short detour in another city.



Apparently because of the weather in Texas, we have to make a stop at airport #4 to refuel and wait out the storm. It'll only take 20 minutes, they say.

5:10: Take off.
6:00: Land in detour city (airport #4). Since it will ONLY TAKE 20 MINUTES, we are not allowed off the plane. GUESS WHAT? It takes OVER AN HOUR. Oh yeah, we were all reallllllly pleased sitting on that thar airplane.
7:05: Take off again for Texas.
(Time change, lose an hour.)
8:50: Arrive in Texas (airport #5). FINALLY. The flight was so turbulent from airport #4 that they didn't even get up to serve drinks. SO. MUCH. FUN.

But now I am home again, exhausted and ready for bed. And sooooo glad I won't be traveling again for a month.


Anonymous said...

We're glad you're home!

lifeofadancer312 said...

bummer man

but glad you're home

Furrow said...

Bless your heart. I hated moving in and out of my dorm room each semester, and I only had to travel an hour and a half by car.

Monica H said...

Glad you made it safely home to be with your family. Did you ever find your earrings/glasses? Hope all your stuff made it this time and you got to eat your parfait!

The Nanny said...

Monica, I did!!! They were in the bottom of one of my drawers in my dorm room. DEFINITELY not where they were supposed to be!