Si se puede

As I sit and type this, I can hear hundreds of voices shouting, horns honking, just general excitement outside my window.

Tonight, as I sat with dozens of fellow students,
Tonight, as we all sat and watched, eyes on the TV for six straight hours,
Tonight, as we hoped, and hoped, and hoped beyond measure,
Tonight, we elected Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

I can only hope I never forget this night. I hope I never forget the happiness, the nervousness, the shouts, the tears, but -- most of all -- I hope I never forget the magnitude of what's happened tonight.

Tonight. Tonight. Someday, in the future, I'll be able to tell my babies, and my babies' babies, about a generation of college students so full of HOPE that together, we helped elect the first African American president. That together, we helped take one step closer to full equality for everyone. That together, we stood up for something we believed in SO STRONGLY that strangers became friends, enemies became friends, friends became closer friends, in a quest to achieve our dream.

Tonight, after Obama was announced as president-elect, after we toasted each other with cider and hugged everyone around us, after we sat silently, respectfully, during McCain's concession speech and then again during Obama's, we went out. We walked the streets of this incredible city. We screamed ourselves hoarse toward everybody who walked by. We cheered at the passing cars who honked in the rhythm of "yes we can." We slapped high-fives with person after person. Hundreds of us. Thousands of us. Young, old, black, white, tall, short...we were there, we were together. We had done it.

Tonight we took a step toward a healthier America. One full of hope, and change. It's not just about the black and white -- a spark has been ignited in us young college-age students. A passion. And though we certainly can't fully understand the magnitude of what we have accomplished now, or maybe even ever, we understand that we have changed the course of history.

Tomorrow we'll be exhausted. But tomorrow is a new day. We are excited about the future, we impressionable people, and that says so much. I can't convey just how amazing it feels to know that the very first time I've voted, the very first election I've ever really participated in, has turned out this way. We can go nowhere but up from here and I can't wait to see what happens next. Next, a woman in the white house. But for now, we rest easier, knowing that we have hope. That hope, finally, is here.

Yes we did.

Yes we did.

Yes, we did.


lifeofadancer312 said...


Farrah said...

Very well put! It is a day I will never forget. A day to proud of being an American!

Debbie said...

Change is a coming!!!!

Allyson said...

You know how I feel, but still, reading your very well written post brought a little tear to my eye. You all growed up little college girl.

Monica H said...

It was such an amazing night. I cried as I watched others on TV cry. It felt/feel good to be a part of this great nation.

I am proud!

The Nanny said...

Allyson, thank you for that comment. :-)