Okay, okay, I GET IT.

So...the Cold Gods.

They are laughing at me.

Rolling on the floor, laughing their a**es off. ROTFLMAO, as the "kids" are saying.

No sooner had I published last night's post and gone to bed...I was woken up in a not-so-nice way. And I'm gonna tell you alllllll about it. See, the Cold Gods were laughing at me just like my roommates. "Nanny needs a good dose of humble pie," they were saying.

Oh, they gave it to me all right.

1.5 hours after I had finally fallen into a dead, exhausted sleep, the roomies and I were awoken by flashes of very bright, spastic light.

And then sirens.

Yup. Fire alarm. 3:15 a.m. We jump up, still dead asleep. Somehow I have the presence of mind to put on my fake Ugg half-boot things. So my feet will be warm. And I grab the thick white sweater mentioned below. And laptop, purse, keys/ID, and phone.

And I'm out of there. Running down 5 flights of stairs with approximately 750 students clamoring behind you while balancing a slippery computer and trying to keep your (very loose) pants from falling down, and you yourself from falling down? NOT EASY. Doing this while half asleep? REALLY, REALLY not easy.

But we make it. We stream out the big doors in the front of the building and across the street to the park. Then the cold hits in. It's 13 degrees and I don't have seventy-two layers like I did on the walk tonight (see below). I've got a thin cotton T-shirt on, thin sweat pants, a sweater, and fake Uggs. That, ladies and gentlemen, combined with 13-degree cold, is TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO GOOD VERY BAD COLD.

(Alexander anyone? Reference?)

So, Cold Gods, I bow to your power. You have humbled me. I will step off my high horse of thinking I've got cold's number, slim. I recognize that it still could have been so much worse -- I could have gotten outside without the sweater and just in flip flops. Or my pants really could have fallen down. I understand. So now, as soon as the flashing white lights (which are still going off) stop flashing, I'm going back to bed.

(Keep in mind I'm writing this at 3:40 a.m. Nothing much makes sense now. Apologies.)


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha. You REALLY are so funny. Thanks for bringing a smile and a laugh to my night.

Monica H said...

But you survived!