My BFFaeaeaeaeaeae (and e and e and e)

This weekend with D. positively FLEW by. We didn't do much but eat really good food, sleep, and play a few games. But I will say that she and I OWNED at Taboo. We are pure geniuses at that game. One time, I was trying to figure out how to get her to guess Bill Bradley, so I said "Clinton, first name," and she said "Bill," and I said, "Okay, uhhhhh..." and couldn't figure out what else to say and she just said, "BILL BRADLEY," because we are just that good.

It was a truly magical moment.

Now, though, she's on the plane back to Texas, and for the first time in the 2? 3? (How long has it been?) months that I've been here, when I walked back through the doors of my dorm, I wished that I wasn't coming back here. That I was, instead, going home with her. I've had bouts of homesickness, missing my puppy and bird, being at D.'s lakehouse, being able to play games all the time, and being able to take a bath (or at least properly shave my legs). But having her here and now having her gone has made me ache for my best friend. She's applying to a college about 20 minutes from mine and I'm crossing fingers, toes, and all appendages that she gets in and we'll be in this amazing city together. It's her first choice, but it's practically impossible to get into. I know she can. It's just the stupid random application process with so many applicants, you know?

But now I'm back on my bed in my teeny-tiny little dorm room, preparing to heat up and eat a large bowl of pasta leftover from last night and catch up on blogs. And then it's homework, homework, homework, cause that's the way it goes 'round here.

And counting down the days until I leave for Thanksgiving--two weeks from yesterday--so I can kick her butt at some more games.