How do I stay warm? Let me count the ways...

Temp check: according to weather.com, it "feels like" 13.


I thought 20 was bad. AH. I was wrong. 13 is a whole new kind of bad.

Luckily, I prepare myself well for these harsh outdoor conditions.

A.k.a., I've forsaken all signs of vanity for WARMTH.

Who was freezing on the walk tonight? EVERYONE.

Who wasn't? ME.

Mwahaha. My roommates took one look at me and burst out laughing as I dressed to go outside. My dear northern friend Sarah, who was walking with me, saw me, suppressed a giggle (she is far too kind to laugh) and said, "Oh sweetie, you're adorable."



Since I feel the need to document these historic times in which I am currently living (Obama's win, me actually venturing outside my bed in 13 degree weather), here's a breakdown of what I wore tonight.

Periwinkle flannel hat, light blue flannel scarf, thick cream sweater (it's huge on me, I stole it from my dad), black long-sleeved sweater over a teal cami (have I mention I've lost all regard for vanity? NOTHING matches), my black ear muffs, and notice the *two* pairs of gloves: one teal, the other periwinkle. I wore the periwinkle ones on top in attempt to kind of sort of match-ish. And thick grey and pink socks.

Again, the black sweater and two pairs of gloves. Also my very thick, heavy black pea coat, and two (count 'em), TWO pairs of blue jeans. One pair was sufficiently big enough that I could pull it on over the other pair. MUST. BUY. LONG UNDERWEAR.

Can't forget the most important part of the ensemble. Yeah, the toesies did get a bit cold in these. But I heart them too much to wear anything else.

Can you spot the nanny in this picture? (I look approximately 20 lbs heavier in all the layers!)


lifeofadancer312 said...



i mean.... you look warm.....

Monica H said...

I giggled and snorted twice at this post... have I told you how much I LOVE periwinkle. It's my favorite color.

And yes, you must get some long underwear, it'll shave off about 10 lbs- lol!