Grumpy old Nanny

While I love living on the east coast, I'm not lovin' the late start times for all the TV shows I watch. And meetings I go to. And dinners. Etc.

I'm used to eating early, having any meetings I go to start around 7, and watching shows either at 7 or 8. I'm sooooo not loving the 9:00 start time for EVERY. SHOW. I. WATCH. Like the SNL special tonight, for example. It's on from 9-11. Then the Daily Show's on at 11:30. This girlfriend needs some sleep and desperately--especially gearing up for tomorrow night's all-nighter! (The collective 5th floor of my dorm has taken a vow to not sleep until we have a winner. Which could be bad if we have a repeat 2000.)

But though I'm in a perpetual state of sleep exhaustion, when looking back at where I was last year at this time...there's no comparison. I'm so much happier now. I loved the girls to the moon and back but working for their parents was hell on earth. I realize now just how miserable I was. And how much better things are here and now.

And I love it.