Buried (under homework, not snow)

So it's getting pretty cold here. Since I'm the resident southerner (if you could call me that), all my northern-born, northern-bred (ha. typed "bread" first) friends are constantly asking me if I'm freezing yet.



Sort of?

I'm generally staying pretty warm here. I'm layering clothes (i.e., a cami under a long-sleeved shirt under a sweater, with a scarf) and bundling up before I go outside. I've asked Santa for a nice pair of thick socks and am seriously considering investing in a pair of long underwear. My big poofy Land's End jacket should be here soon. So I'm doing well.

I still blanche a bit when I see the actual temperature of what weather.com says it feels like outside. We're pretty good about walking a few miles each night (gotta stave off the freshman 15), and last night it was unusually cold, so I checked the temp when we got back. It was 30 degrees, but weather.com said it felt like 20. TWENTY. That rocked my little world, I tell ya. I was outside in the TWENTY DEGREE cold for a good 40 minutes walking and I SURVIVED.

At first I was afraid, I was petrified...

So yes. I'm doing well.

Though I did get a small thrill when I pulled up the weather this morning and it said it feels like 15. FIFTEEN.

We're not in Texas anymore, Toto.


lifeofadancer312 said...

It's gonna be 79 in Texas today :)

The Nanny said...

*GROAN* I know. SOOOOO jealous.

Monica H said...

Bread- lol!

I broke a sweat yesterday. Don't be jealous, it shouldn't be that warm in November.