We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto

I just dropped my mom off at the subway stop after a great weekend together. Lots of yummy food, good (and not-so-good) card and dice games, and socializing. Next weekend: D will be here!

So today my mom wanted to stop and get bagels to take home with her. We went to the FANTASTIC local bagel place and were trying to decide what my sister would like. Not very exciting, eh? Well... (abbreviated convo)

Cashier: Can I help you?
Nanny: Yeah, we're just trying to figure out what kind of bagel my sister would want.
Cashier: Definitely chocolate chip. Want me to warm that up for you?
Nanny: Oh, no, thanks.
Mom: I've got to take it on a plane back to Texas.
Cashier: *stops, gives us a really, really weird look, puts her hand on her hip and says* So you voted for Bush?
Nanny & Mom: OH NO! We didn't!!!
Cashier: So you gonna vote for Obama?
Nanny: I already did!
Mom: I'm going to!
Cashier: *looks us over slowly, suspiciously* Okay, then.

And we got our bagels.

And left.


I'm so happy to be living in the liberal north!


Monica H said...

Aw, that's so sad. I better watch my back if I go out of state and tell people I'm from Texas. They may assume I voted for Shrub too and egg me. Heck I'd egg me if I voted for him.

Glad you had a good time. What kind of bagels did you get?

The Nanny said...

I didn't have one today, but we chose an everything bagel for my dad and chocolate chip for my sister.

lifeofadancer312 said...

i'm looking forward to that bagel!

Furrow said...

I think I, a fellow southerner, would feel a bit insulted. However, I did decide just to prop my Obama sticker on my dashboard and not put it on my bumper for fear of inciting road rage, or at least less charity in lane changing situations. Still, I don't like having outsiders make assumptions.

The Nanny said...

Furrow--well, when I told my roommate the story, she was also surprised I wasn't more insulted. To be honest, I'm just so thrilled to be out of a land where people think Bush is god that it didn't bother me.

Anonymous said...