The perks of being a college student

Tonight I'm going to the aquarium! I'm ridiculously excited because I've been there once before and loved. it. It's college night so with the flash of my DreamSchool ID, I'm in fo' FREE. Clean living, eh? A few weeks ago it was college night at the fine arts museum so another freebee night--wayyyy awesome.

Ignoring all aspects of homework, tonight's going to be pretty suh-weeeeet. I'm headed to the local bagel place to get my favorite hummus, lettuce, and avocado bagel sandwich. YUM. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. And my stomach is growling. Audibly.


But anyway. Midterms are approaching and so are the visits of two very awesome people--my mom and D! My mom'll be up not this weekend but next, and D will be up the weekend after that. So while I'll be buried under papers and projects for midterms, I'll be a very happy nanny!

Speaking of nannying...I'm trying to find a part-time nanny job 'round these here parts. Ideally, I'd love to have something for 3-4 hours on Tuesdays/Thursdays. I miss being with kids, and the money would be SO appreciated--all the more hummus/lettuce/avocado bagels for me! Yes!

Oh, and college tuition, too...

Anyway. My stomach has growled loudly so many times that my roommates are getting concerned that I am starving myself. Nope, just excited about my baaaaagellllll. *does the happy nanny bagel dance*

(P.S. There was no point to this post whatsoever.)

(Oh, and one more thing (and I've already tweeted this, but whatevs): I voted for Hillary in the primaries. I'm just sayin'.)

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Monica H said...

There is apoint to this post- You 're going to the museum for free and you're going to the aquarium! That's pretty darn exciting. Have fun!