So last week I wanted to wear my favorite blue shirt with black polka dots. But I couldn't find it. I figured it was in my hamper and I just hadn't washed it lately, or it was buried in another drawer, but I didn't have time to look for it. So I forgot about it.

A few days later, I couldn't find my long-sleeved pink shirt. Weird, I thought, first my blue shirt and now my pink shirt. But I brushed it out of my mind because again, I needed to get to class.

Two days ago, I couldn't find my blue cami. THEN I stopped and really looked for everything. I dug through my drawers, looked under my bed, went through my hamper...everywhere. I even had my roommates check their drawers (because occasionally we do little snippets of laundry for each other) with no luck.


I knew I couldn't have left it in the washer or dryer because I'm rather meticulous about checking after each wash when I take stuff out. I'm also a bit maniacal when it comes to setting my alarm to go get the laundry out. But my roommate insisted I should go look in the laundry room JUST IN CASE.

So we did.

And there, folded neatly by some angel on a shelf in the laundry room, were my blue shirt with the black polka dots, my long-sleeved pink shirt, and my blue cami.

Along with about 14,000 pairs of my underwear.

Thongs, to be more specific.

Which had been sitting there for a week and a half.


(On a side note--apparently I have a lot of underwear, because I hadn't noticed I was missing any.)

I need more sleep.

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Monica H said...

At least no one will know they were yours, except for your room mates :-)