ALSO, what is with people using the word 'legit' up here? As in short for legitimately...they use it with EVERYTHING. And by they, I mean 99% of people I've met here.

Like so:

"Oh my GOD this class is insane. Like LEGIT."

"Have you done your homework yet? Legit, it's ballsy."

"Did you SEE her shoes? I was like OH MY GOD, LEGIT."


(Sometimes it is confusing trying to figure out what 'legit' actually means in different sentences.)

(And it is frustrating.)

I suppose it's a northern thing? My new friend Simon is from Seattle (ha, Simon from Seattle, cute) and he says instead of legit, they say 'wicked.' I was trying to think of a southern saying, but all I could come up with was, "Aw, hell gosh darnit" which I confess to making up on the spot.


Anonymous said...

Too legit, too legit to quit!

Okay, couldn't resist. But legit must be a new thing with the younger crowd, because as of 2.5 years ago, it wasn't part of the vernacular, and remember, I worked in a high school, so I knew cool.

As for the Southern phrase, you need to share "bless his/her heart" and "fixin' to". Those are the 2 phrases I'm STILL not adjusted to.

The Nanny said...

Oh, Tracey, though, remember in the VP debate? Sarah Palin blessed Israel's heart. Apparently not just a southern thing. ;-)

Monica H said...

"Fixin' to" and "y'all" are pretty Texan. I don't get the LEGIT thing either. I don't quite understand the definition either. Is that sad?

I had a boss who was from Maine and she would say "wicked" all the time. Except she was far older than me and it was not cool. It still isn't.

Furrow said...

When I was in college (a zillion years ago) the new thing was to call everything "random." As in, "oh my god, he's such a random guy." To be honest, I still don't quite get it.