Cross your fingers!

I just replied to a faculty member's e-mail about needing a babysitter for her 9 month old. It'd be a few hours on Tuesdays & Thursdays and would pay about $140 a week. It would be SO PERFECT for me--PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE, universe, can I have this job?!?!?!? Cross your fingers that she'll accept me for an interview & that I get the job! The only downside is a 40-min commute (one way) but THAT'S OKAY! I'll keep you posted!!!

Edited: Just checked her out on ratemyprofessors.com...whoooey she is NOT popular! Words used to describe her were "bitchy," "judgemental," "rude," "unprofessional," "bitter"...and the list goes on. Lord help me if she turns out to be like Mrs. R. I'm going to run screaming...