The Abominable SnowNanny

So a while back I think I mentioned looking for a warm coat & boots. The lovely and fabulous Monica H. linked me to Land's End, which was having an AMAZING sale, and I was able to get a coat AND boots for under $100! Score!

They both came in the mail today and I was ridiculously excited to try them on. However...the coat was a little bit big. Well, more than a little big. A LOT big. So I'll be shipping that back for a smaller size. It's nice and toasty, though!

The boots? Well...they're boots. Not all that pretty under jeans (or over jeans). As my northerner of a roomie said, "they're nice, solid, warm boots." *sigh*

So yeah. The boots are big, too, so if I were to keep them I'd need to send them back for a smaller size (even factoring in big, thick socks). But the horribly vain person in me is screaming at me to run FAR FAR AWAY from the thick rubber soles and find solace in a pair of fashionable (but way too expensive and not at all waterproof) Ugg boots.


So I'm asking your opinion in the poll below. Or you can leave comments in the comment section. Whichever.

P.S. My other roommate just walked in and said, "OH your boots! Oh...your boots. Blue and green...ugh. At least they'll be warm."



Monica H said...

You're so funny. They're REALLY warm, you need to keep them. And besides can you afford Uggs? If you kept these, you'd have more money for bagels :-)

I say exchange them for the right size and keep them. They are not the most exciting boots, but they're comfy and waterproof, and toasty. You will kick yourself if you spend the extra money on UGGS and your feet get wet. Not fun.

BTW, I got hot pink boots :-)

The Nanny said...

Haha well...technically, no, Uggs are a bit out of the question. They're more wishful thinking :-) Or, if I could find a good deal on them, that'd be perfect. But yeah, my roommate pointed out the Uggs get wet thing, too. Bummer man!

P.S. More bagels...mmmmmmmm...

Anonymous said...

Girlfriend, you ain't in the big D anymore. We're not all vain like that in Yankeeland. Go with the warm, dry and affordable boots. If it will make you feel better, I'll send you a pic of the LL Bean boots I used for years in New England (that have been sitting on my closet shelf for 2.5 years here in Texas)

The Nanny said...

Yeah. I'm going to need to see a picture. ;-)

Farrah said...

I vote move back down south, but of course I know you wouldn't do that! ARGH! I hate the cold.

pithydithy said...

As a fellow southerner who finds herself living in cold, snowy New England, I say keep the boots. You're going to need something toasty and with thick soles. Trust me- Ugg boots will be totally, totally pointless in January AND I bet the snow and ice ruins them.

I have a similar pair of zip-up Lands End Boots to the ones you got and I LOVE THEM. First, the zip-up thing is wonderful when you're already all bundled up and don't want to deal with taking boots on and off. Second, it's great that you got them in a color-- that will brighten your winter day.