Surviving, but barely

It's day 2 here at Dream School and I've now been to each of my 4 classes. Let me tell y'all. They don't mess around at this school. I've been assigned so much work (and I went to an academically rigorous high school and had hours and hours of homework each night) that I'm not quite sure how I'm going to manage to stay afloat this year. I thought about taking a work study job, but to be honest, I'd collapse in fatigue if I have to add another thing onto my schedule!

That's the downside of going to such a small school so focused on one specific area. It's really, really hard to get into (I found out there's an 8.5% acceptant rate--yay me for getting in!) and it's a lot, lot, LOT of work. They really accept nothing but the absolute best and aren't afraid to work you to the bone here. Don't get me wrong, I love my classes. They're all interesting (even though I only requested one of them, and just got put in the rest) and my professors are fantastic.

My schedule looks like this:
Class 1: MWF 8:30-9:45
Class 2: MW 12:00-1:45
Class 3: MWF 2:30-3:45
Class 4: TTh 4-5:45

And I only thought I'd have a bit of downtime on Tuesdays and Thursdays! Nope, I'll be playing catch up from Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I've talked to several other friends at other schools and they don't have near as much work. Oh well, I suppose it's worth it in the end? And there's no time to get homesick!

OH. And I have a problem. It's a pretty big problem and I don't really know or see a solution in sight. So I come to you, dear blog readers, begging for help.

It's about a shower. To be more specific, the showers here at Dream School. Like all dorm showers, they're pretty tiny. Not much room to move around. So shaving my legs has become rather difficult. There's nowhere on which to prop your legs and nothing to hold on to. It's an incredibly difficult balancing act--coming from someone who has absolutely no coordination whatsoever, this is a challenge.

So. I know I'm not the first person to come across this problem. So do y'all have any solutions??? I can't shave my legs into the sink because, well, a) ew and b) there's nowhere to sit.

And before I leave...my incredibly punny moment the other day:

Look at me, I'm kissing ass!


Anonymous said...

Suggestions from Mr. Practical:

Lean against one side of the shower stall, prop your foot up on the other side. Or, take in your cute little trash can. Invert it, and prop your foot on it, or just sit on it.

Or, just let it grow, and wear jeans. You are up Nawth, for pete's sake.

Re school: Remember, this is your passion. So, get excited about all of the playing around and learning in your field that you GET to do, not that you HAVE to do. The cool thing about college is that you actually now have the freedom to really explore and learn. Once you hit the real world, this is so much harder to do.

the person you know who would rather be practicing the piano 8 hours a day, like he was able to do in college (though he's still happy!).

Monica H said...

In our master bathroom, we have a small shower stall and I had to shave my legs like the above commenter suggested- not fun. So I moved all my stuff to the guest bathroom across the house. Unfortunately you can't do that. Use Nair or Veet or get you some towels, a spray bottle and do it in your room.

Good luck!

lifeofadancer312 said...

the showers were like that at camp this summer (except ours... we had the handicap room!!!)

SO here's what people did:

1) you could get really really flexible and put your leg up on the wall like padre suggested (this is much easier for dancers though i guess...)

2) you can make friends with a few people in your dorm and have a weekly "shaving party" in the bathrooms (we did this also... it's quite fun and encourages bonding!)

VIA the homework situation

yeahhh enjoy that... i'm right there with ya (but not on a college scale...) the first two weeks are always the hardest but then you'll make a schedule for yourself and begin to adapt!

<333 your sis back home

Life ticks on said...

Hey its been awhile.

Homework sucks I am right there with you. I am so up the creek right now be thankful you dont have 4 kids in the mix. I have one who has been in the docs office Monday and today and has to go back on Friday and maybe tomorrow if we cant get the antibiotics into her ....

Anywho when I was active Duty in the Navy we had the same thing. So we would either bring an extra towel and lay it on the sink and sit on it and shave our legs in the sink, we also did the lean on the wall thing, or your final option is find a friend who lives close enough she goes home once a week still?? or rent a hotel room. Sadly this is a pain. I was glad when I finally moved into my own place for this reason. Prior to that though I would get a hotel room because even a $29 a night room had a tub big enough to shave in!

Anonymous said...

I'm confused - can't you just bend over and shave? You know I'm the shaving queen, shaving 1 leg every single day, but I've never propped my leg up or sat down or anything like that...I just bend over and shave? I'm seriously perplexed by the problem.

The Nanny said...

MM--no, that's a valid suggestion. But the shower is so small that if I bend over, the water washes off all my shaving cream. Does that make sense? That's why propping it up helps--to keep it out of the spray.